Artisan Kenya

Artisan Kenya is an online marketplace where you can buy as well as sell any item ranging from baby products to art, digital products, jewelry and many more. Digital products in a downloable form of .rar or .zip files can be listed for sale.

All seller members are required to set up a shop for selling their items. Members can have a slogan for their shop, add policies and create coupons to offer discounts on the items sold in the shop. Shop owners can choose and set items to be featured in the Shop page as well add banners making it a more attractive shop.

Artisan members can follow each other and form circles thereby get item updates. Users can create Collections based on a theme from different shops and make it a wish list

Pricing for all items is set as KSH, however users can view the price of the item in their own currency as other currency. Conversion values are defined each month by Admin.

IPAY payment method is integrated in the site for transaction purposes.It is an easy-to-use payments processing tool that incorporates M-PESA, Airtel Money, yuCash, VISA, Master Card and Kenswitch. Paypal is not yet available in Kenya unless you hold a bank account outside of Africa. This service is provided by Ipay Africa who you will need to register with by following this link 

Once registered, Ipay will give you a number also called Ipay id and also Ipay Merchant Name. This two credentials are required when you set up your shop under shop settings in artisan kenya at this link . If your customer buys any item from your shop, they are able to check out using any of the above methods after which you ship the goods to them. All money earned is credited to you ipay account from where you can withdraw or transfer as necessary.

Social options include the ability to e-mail items to friends, share in other networks, Facebook Like, Tweet to Twitter and adding comments on items. We have developed an application that integrates your Shop at Artisan with your Facebook Fan page or Profile page


Option to create a store page on you Facebook Account example


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